In the future, storytellers and media producers will tap more collaborative ways to co-create their projects with others, be it through crowdsharing, collective entrepreneurship or navigating ROVING teams. This session is an experimental storysprint for up to 50 people to develop aN IMMERSIVE storyworld in just 60 minutes. Join Ele for an intense, absurd and productive experiment. Expect to make new friends, rediscover playdough and have a ton of fun while learning how to harness collaboration and create a PURPOSEFUL story together.

Practical information:

  • When: November 7 from 11.00 – 13.00 hrs
  • Where: to be announced soon

About iDROPS

Starting from the idea that digital tools and media can be used to improve society, iDROPS organizes innovation LABS with the aim to generate social impact.

iDROPS tries to explore the possibilities of digital tools and media, by bringing together international professionals from a variety of disciplines and industries (digital experts - creative people - players from other fields) and stimulates them to work together.

iDROPS focuses on two tracks:
a cultural track with an emphasis on documentaries, museum, publishing, fashion and,
a social (innovation) track dealing with issues like poverty, healthcare and transgender.

We try not only to inform and inspire about ways to apply innovative digital tools, but we try throughout our methodologies to give participants the space to experiment with their ideas as well. Expertise and experience are exchanged not only between participants, but between participants and international appointed mentors.

The result: interesting encounters, inspiring interventions and mind shifts resulting in innovative projects, co-productions, new organizations and partnerships.

We are not just creative, we want to innovate and bring your ideas to life!


About Ele Jansen:

Ele combines her PhD in Media Anthropology with her work as a creative producer, focusing on participatory storytelling and experiential learning. She’s the driving force behind www.learndoshare.net, harnessing pitfalls and successes of collaborative social innovation. Has co-created www.robotheartstories.com as Associate Producer and was Transmedia Consultant on www.thespiral.eu. The native German is an IPRS scholarship holder, her research being funded by the Australian government and the University of New South Wales in Sydney. She publishes for Germany’s most renowned interactive media department at the Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg, and advises FMX, Europe’s largest gaming-media conference.

Throughout her Master’s at Germany’s first chair for Communications Management, she published on Cross-Sector Entrepreneurial Collaboration in East Germany and Corporate Social Responsibility. Being the spokesperson of the Industrial Initiative for Central Germany, she developed the IQ Innovation Award and helped building interdisciplinary cluster networks. A case study of the latter is taught at Harvard (Michael E. Porter) and at the internationally top ranked HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Ele developed original solutions for innovation incubators, creative industries and big brands since 2001. Hearing being her favorite sense, piano tunes, drum kits and surf recordings are suitable currencies to bribe the passionate dancer.

Ele is one of the speakers at the DIY Days, which takes place the day before on November 6, during the Creative Media Days.